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ethical retailers

alara jewelry

42 w. main street

bozeman, mt  59715


ethical retailer commitment

By joining our list, you promise that you:

  • either recycle your precious metals in-house and/or purchase your precious metals from a refiner that offers recycled produces (such as Hoover & Strong)

  • will not out-source any of your manufactring to any of the countries on the "known child labor issues" list

  • will not purchase gems in any of the countries on the "known child labor issues" list

  • consistently question and encourage your vendors to do likewise


Together, we can make this snowball into something that will become a force with which the world must reckon!

As a fine jewelry retailer, you have the power to educate the public about the issue of child labor in the gemstone and jewelry industries, as well as tout the benefits of gemstones mined/cut and jewelry manufactured in countries with standards and expectations like those of the United States.


Not only does this give you an opportunity to improve and save lives, but also the opportunity to explain why "the other guy" is offering something at a price that is "too good to be true."


The simple answer:  it IS too good to be true.  It was made by trading a life for a few bucks.  

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