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The bulk of this site is meant to be easy to navigate and read.  But there is so much more to learn.  


Go to the link below to view the statistics and facts that really put a ​fine point on the problem of child labor in the gemstone and jewelry industries, plus links to sources.


After you educate yourself, you need to take action:


  • visit and support the retailers on our list of Ethical Jewelers

  • if your preferred jeweler is not on the list, ask questions

  • if your preferred jeweler provides answers that satisfy you, refer them to our page so they can join the list

  • STAND YOUR GROUND:  if you give your jeweler a chance to discuss and correct, but they don't...make them your FORMER jeweler.


Don't just sit there!  


To begin, if you are a producing jeweler who buys precious metals from the public, look into having your scrap metal returned to you NOT as cash, but as bullion you recycle in-house.  It assures you that you are not contributing to the problem.


If you are a producing jeweler who purchases bullion from a refiner, please purchase bullion that is certified to be recycled by the refiner (Hoover & Strong, for example, has offered recycled "Harmony Metals" for many years).


Do not buy Burmese rubies--period.  Do not buy Chinese jade--period.  Do not outsource any of your production to Thailand, India, or China--period.  Do not purchase jewelry from vendors or designers who outsource any part of their jewelry labor to those countries.


Finally, go upstream to your suppliers and make them aware that you will not purchase goods that fit those profiles.




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