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how you can fight

the problem of child labor in jewelry

educate yourself

If the price is too good to be true (or confusingly less than a similar 

jewel at an Ethical Jeweler), know that most likely, you are most likely supporting child labor.


ask questions

Ask about the sourcing on that "too good to be true" jewel.  You might very well be educating the jeweler involved!


ask your jeweler to support ethical

No money.  Just support through action.  This is exactly how we will eradicate this problem.  Let your inventory speak for you!

a pervasive problem in certain countries

Until individual governments make the eradication of child labor a priority, or allow international inspectors to freely inspect artisinal mines, gemcutting facilities, and jewelry making sweatshops; we must all "speak our heart" using our pocketbooks...whether a retailer's open-to-buy or a consumer's gift budget.

end child labor
in gems & jewelry
for consumers
for retailers
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